a letter to the girl who will love him after me

I guess we’re supposed to be enemies or I’m supposed to hate you or something. You’re supposed to be a downgrade. I think that’s a little childish and we’re better than that. You’ve already won. You have what I had, what was once mine. I’m usually a fighter and believe me when I say I fought with everything I had to keep him.

But the truth is that he’s yours now. And as much as I try to say I’m okay with it, I’m still trying to remember who I was before I had him. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love him, because I loved him with everything I could. I am trying to move on, to give you space, and to give him away to you.

It isn’t that I don’t want to talk to him every day; I think of him more often than not, guilt flooding over me every single time because he isn’t for me to think about anymore. Maybe not speaking to him again is better for all of us.

He’s going to make you a better person, if you let him. He’ll bring you a lot of happiness once you get passed his dorky personality. You’ll melt when he smiles at you and your dweeby smile will spread so far across your face that you’ll forget what it was like without him. He’ll  be everything you want and with every passing day, you’ll fall faster and faster.

Don’t be afraid of falling though, because he’ll catch you. Don’t be afraid of getting hurt. He doesn’t want to hurt you. I promise. Trust me when I tell you that the pain I felt, and am still feeling, was worth it.

He’s going to make you feel wanted and special. He’s going to hug you from behind and kiss your cheek and you’re going to know that you’re completely and utterly happy. His hugs will cure every ailment and the softness of his voice will comfort every sadness.

I can’t see the future. I don’t know if you’ll be the one for him, like I thought I was. But I hope for the best for you, regardless. I don’t dislike you, but I am envious of you. You’re dating the man of both of our dreams and somehow, that connects us.

Take care of him for me.


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