What is Bridget Doing with Her Life?

Okay, so I’ve been getting thousands of questions, mostly from my family, about my life right now. “Are you going to school?” “Did you drop out?” “Why are you living at home?” “Are you going back to school in the fall?” “Do you work here all the time?” Meh.

To answer the most repeated questions right now:
No, I’m not dropping out of school. I’m taking online classes this semester and living at home because that’s how online classes work and my parents miss me. I am studying abroad this March through the middle of April. I will be at Oxford University and traveling to London, other nearby cities, like to visit Stonehenge and the like, and also Paris. I am working full-time, as well as going to school full-time. After I get back from EuroSpring, I will be finishing up a couple online classes through the end of this semester.

After this semester, comes summer. Yes, I’ll probably be continuing at the local hotspot…the Hugo’s Deli. Come get your fried chicken, coleslaw and potato salad. I promise to not spit in it. Hopefully, I’ll find a better job that doesn’t require me to be up to my elbows in dirty dishwater and sticking my hands in hot grease and dealing with awful tourists.

In the fall, I’ll be transferring to North Dakota State University to continue my degree in Elementary Education. When I am finished there, I’ll have a dual degree in Elementary Ed. and Human and Family Development. *But doesn’t that mean you have to teach in North Dakota?* I’m sure I’ll be back in Minnesota for a while after graduation, so I can take a test that licenses me for Minnesota, too. Fear not, my good people.

I’m really excited about my trip to Europe and for school to start in the fall at a new place with entirely new people. There are nearly 15,000 people that are potential friends, so that’s neat.

I am too scared to plan my life any further than next fall, so no questions about my future, please. Hopefully this answers the majority of your questions.

Cheers to new beginnings!


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