My Year in Review

Hello, friends!

To ring in the new year, I’m going to give you a brief synopsis of 2013. Get ready for a bumpy, but faithful ride.
End of December/January: In December, I attended my best friend in high school’s wedding. I applied for scholarships through my high school and applied to three different colleges. I got all three acceptance letters and had to choose a school. I was taking some fun classes in high school like guitar, art metals, and teacher assisting. And some lame classes with awesome teachers, like composition with Mr. Bolton.
February: I went to winter camp at Camp Lebanon with my friends, including a my crazy Spaniard, Lidia! I celebrated Valentine’s Day alone at home, watching some chic flicks! 🙂 I probably froze my butt off in the cold winter months.
March: I started applying for FAFSA and university scholarships for Bemidji State. I was coaching elementary girls’ basketball for my second year. It was so much fun to see them grow in their social skills and basketball abilities!
April: BIRTHDAY MONTH! Holla! I turned 18 and became a real adult. I bought one scratch off lottery ticket and won my two dollars back. I haven’t gambled since, if you want to call that gambling. I also began planning for my graduation party. I went to State FFA for dairy judging with some friends on my team and placed pretty high, considering I don’t know much about cows.
May: I had my final high school band concert. I graduated from high school and had a party with my family and friends. That was pretty much it in May.
June: In the middle of May, I found out that I might not be able to work at Camp Lebanon because of some things I had said. This was a really hard month for me. I had several meetings with people and emails, doing all I could to get to work at Camp that summer. In the end, I was able to work as a counselor. It was such a blessing to work alongside so many wonderful people.
July: Camp. Each Sunday, I drove back to Camp to counsel ten new campers and I had a blast! I also had my last county fair for 4-H and did well in my project areas.
August: Camp. Around the middle of August, Camp was over for the summer. I went home to start packing for college. I packed up my entire life into totes and bags and drove to Bemidji for my first semester as a college student! If you read my earlier posts, you’ll know how that went. But, I finished with a GPA of 3.71! I made some amazing friends: Cameron, Cassidy, Brooke, Alex, Kalynda, Matt, Kyle, Shelby, Cara, Aaron, Jacob, McKay, and Kaylynn. I started teaching 1st grade Sunday school.
September: School stuff. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Pretty much what I wrote in my blog.
October: Intervarsity Cross Training and Halloween trick-or-treat candy distribution.
November: School things, homework, band, Wally’s. Kalynda left school to go to Washington for some stuff. 😦
December: Finals week, and break. I went home for three weeks and hung out with some old friends and went to a wrestling meet and some basketball games. Tasha and I visited our high school teachers and had lunch together.

That’s basically my year in short review. It’s not very exciting, but that’s life sometimes. I hope your 2013 was prosperous and enjoyable!


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